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  • Where all Light tends to Go   reads 3.7/5.
  • Growing Gills: A Fly Fisherman's Journey  4.42/5.

By: David Joy 

 The Weight of the World, a powerful story of the inescapable weight of the past, is expected to be released the seventh of this March! David Joy, once again, tends to move readers in an extraordinary way in his latest book about a combat Veteran, Thad Broom, who returns from war in Afghanistan. 

David Joy pictured above. Joy is a local author, who currently resides in Webster, North Carolina. 

 Broom cannot seem to shake the hardened world of Afghanistan and the horrible terrors he was forced to witness as well as the ones he was forced to commit. His mother, April, is haunted by her own monsters, a secret trauma she has kept to herself for years. Stuck in the middle of them is Aidan McCall, who is loyal to both, however unable to hold them together. Connected through love, circumstance, and bond, these three lives are blown apart when Aidan and Thad witness the accidental murder of their drug dealer, and a riot of drugs and money seemingly fall into their laps. On a drug-fueled journey to nowhere, will they find the strength to overcome the darkness, or will they allow themselves to be consumed by it?

         Good Reads 4.05/5.

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The Weight of the World  

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