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Our Story...

It all started with a little extra square footage and a need in the community .

Highlands, NC is a special little town located on a plateau in the southern Appalachian Mountains. A fairly easy drive from neighboring metropolitan cities such as Atlanta, Birmingham, Chattanooga, Jacksonville, New Orleans and Savannah.  Highlands is characterized by the magnificent natural beauty, quaint downtown shopping district and impressive arts community for a town of it's size.   

Like most quaint towns, Highlands had an independent book store, Cyrano's, that serviced readers for decades.   Moving into the electronic era, with the convenience and incentives of online purchasing and introduction of E-Books it was only a matter of time before our little town lost a piece of history.

For those of us that enjoy the feel of paper between our fingers and the excitement of turning pages the local Toy Store, for well over twenty-five years,  thankfully was able to reinvent itself and accommodate a nook for readers of all ages.  The Book Nook, affectionately called, actually holds some of the old shelving from Cyrano's and easily has a few thousand titles in stock at any time and can accommodate special orders just as any other independent book store.  One of the major differences between  the electronic era and small town, is customer service.  Between our team of readers, and feedback from customers, we will always provide the most honest and accurate information to assist anyone in choosing their next "page turner."  Come experience small town customer service that will keep you coming back for more!